Wood Flooring Services

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Hardwood Floor Installations

Whether you’re wanting to update an existing space or create a new one, hiring an experienced and knowledgeable hardwood floor installer is essential for achieving the desired look and feel. With a professional installer, you can rest assured that your floors will be installed correctly and safely.

Sand & Refinishing

We take pride in your floors! That is why we only use specialized equipment such as orbital sanders and finish applicators that allow us to work more quickly and efficiently. Additionally, we make sure to be specific in choosing the right type of materials for your wood floor project.

Base Board Work

The first step in any hardwood base board flooring project is having the right materials and tools to complete the job. We take pride in creating long lasting base boards in order to achieve long-lasting results.

Custom Floor Designs

When it comes to custom floor designs, there is an even greater need for skill and precision that only a professional can provide.– whether that means selecting a particular type of stain or sealant, making sure your floors look beautiful when they’re done.

Wood Staircase Refinishing

The modern staircase can be a beautiful addition or update to your home. We have completed stair case projects that look unbelievable after they have been restored. Working with a skilled installer ensures that your floors will look exactly how you want them and last for years to come.

Polyurethane / Wax

Polyurethane or wax floors provide an economical alternative when it comes to hardwood floor installation, offering homeowners a simple yet reliable way to create beautiful new floors in their homes. Alex Wood Floors uses high quality products to achieve long lasting results.


Sanding & Refinishing

Having hardwood floors in your home is a great way to create a classic and timeless look. However, normal wear and tear can cause them to become scratched and dull-looking over time. Sanding and refinishing are two essential processes for restoring the appearance of hardwood floors. With sanding, we will remove scratches and old finish from the flooring, while refinishing will protect the wood from further damage while creating a beautiful sheen.


Polyurethane & Wax

Waxing your hardwood floors protects them from scuffs, scratches, and daily wear-and-tear while sealing in the natural beauty that you love so much. Refinishing your wood floors will restore their original luster by removing any deep scratches that may have formed over time while providing an additional layer of protection against future damage. With proper care, waxing and refinishing your hardwood floors can ensure they look as beautiful as ever for many years to come!


Repair & Refinishing

When it comes to bringing old floors back to life, repair and refinishing can be a great way to do it. Wood flooring restoration creates an opportunity for homeowners to preserve their original hardwood floors for years to come. The first step in restoring wood floors is assessing the damage. Depending on the flooring condition, repairs may need to be made before any refinishing takes place. This could involve patching up any holes or replacing wood boards if necessary.

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