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Having wood floors in your home can add beauty and value to any space. However, doing the flooring installation and refinishing yourself can backfire if done incorrectly or with low quality materials. It is important to hire a professional flooring installers in Richmond for the job that has expertise and experience to get the job done correctly. Alex Wood Floors has been servicing the Richmond/Houston area since 1993. Family Owned and Operated Company servicing the Greater Houston Area. Contact us for a Free Estimate today!

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We are trusted by our clients and have a reputation for the best services in Richmond wood floor restorations, wood refinishing and installations.

We understand how valuable your home is, and take pride in delivering quality services that will make your interior look great. Our team of experienced professionals work hard to bring you the highest quality wood floors available. We are dedicated hardwood flooring installation team in Richmond, Texas who can custom design your hardwood floors

We provide flooring installation services to the Richmond area and surrounding cities. Alex Wood Floors specialize in all types of flooring installation projects, from small repairs to large refinishing projects. We specialize in hardwood floor refinishing. We are dedicated to providing top quality workmanship at a fair price. Trust us for your next flooring project and impress with your new hardwood floors in Richmond. Alex Wood Floors prides in attention to detail and ability to complete projects efficiently and on time. If you are in need of new flooring or are looking to refresh your existing floors, we have the expertise and resources to help bring your vision to life.

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Services We Provide


Sanding & Refinishing

Having hardwood floors in your home is a great way to create a classic and timeless look. However, normal wear and tear can cause them to become scratched and dull-looking over time. Sanding and refinishing are two essential processes for restoring the appearance of hardwood floors. With sanding, we will remove scratches and old finish from the flooring, while refinishing will protect the wood from further damage while creating a beautiful sheen.


Polyurethane & Wax

Waxing your hardwood floors protects them from scuffs, scratches, and daily wear-and-tear while sealing in the natural beauty that you love so much. Refinishing your wood floors will restore their original luster by removing any deep scratches that may have formed over time while providing an additional layer of protection against future damage. With proper care, waxing and refinishing your hardwood floors can ensure they look as beautiful as ever for many years to come!


Repair & Refinishing

When it comes to bringing old floors back to life, repair and refinishing can be a great way to do it. Wood flooring restoration creates an opportunity for homeowners to preserve their original hardwood floors for years to come. The first step in restoring wood floors is assessing the damage. Depending on the flooring condition, repairs may need to be made before any refinishing takes place. This could involve patching up any holes or replacing wood boards if necessary.

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When it comes to wood floor installation in Richmond Texas, you should always go with a professional. Professional Richmond flooring installation installers have years of experience that make their installations efficient and reliable. At Alex Wood Floors, we understand the nuances of the job and can ensure your custom wood floor designs are properly installed. Additionally, Alex Wood Floors knows exactly what type of material is best for your project and how to source it at a competitive rate. Our expertise also means we can complete the work faster than doing it yourself, allowing you to enjoy your new floors even sooner.

Furthermore, Alex Wood Floors offer superior protection against potential damage. Alex Wood Floors take extra steps such as using drop cloths or protective mats to protect existing surfaces during the installation process. We want to ensure that your floors are to your satisfaction! We service the Richmond area and all nearby cities.

Our Richmond Service Areas

The Areas we provide wood floor installations and services: Richmond, Rosenberg, Sugar Land, Fort Bend County, Bellaire, Memorial, Needville, Missouri City, Stafford and West University area in the state of Texas. We are proud to offer wood floor refinishing services to residents in Richmond, Houston and all surrounding areas.

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